Dec 4, 2017

Tracer X

Chet Sterling vs. Tracer X

Enjoy this match! 💪


  1. His abs are so exquisitely carved! and that chop in the chest is just excellent. If only his pecs are juicy enough, then we might see some sexy pec bounce after he got tossed!

    Say, which body parts of a wrestler do you guys focus on? I find the pecs to be the sexiest. The second is the abs.

  2. Tracer X looks like a typical sexy young jobber because of his beautiful abs.

    Tough question. Well, The first is the pecs. The abs used to be very important, but not anymore. Maybe the butt. I like any body part that I find manly.

  3. Interesting point that Tracer X has a specific look embodied by young lean jobbers Tets.

    To that point, it really depends. With this guy, I put pecs/abs equally. With a guy like Mike Verna I look more at his quads/thighs.

    For Vic Capri, he is impressive everywhere, but his biceps turn me on more than most wrestlers.

    And for many fans, it's all about the package for Chris Dickinson