Dec 7, 2017

Niebra Roja

Niebra Roja (C) vs Cavernario 【Title Match】

Enjoy this match! (2:04:09) 💪


  1. I normally prefer wrestlers with shorter hair, unless they have heavenly sexy and muscular bodies...then all eyes will not be on the hair style anyway.

    But there's just one thing about these long hair dudes that gets me, which is the moment that they get smacked in the faces. The long hair kind of enhance the visual effect of the blows.

    The motion of them receiving the impact, whipping their long hair all the way backwards, having that dizzy look and trying to recover from the hit. That is something I find specifically arousing in long hair wrestlers;)

    1. I know what you mean. Wrestlers looks more miserable when their long hair gets messy. I like scenes when their long hair is pulled, too.

      Well, the wrestler I'm going to post about next has very short hair. I hope you will like it.