Jan 8, 2018


Chris Renfrew vs Tucker 【No Disqualification Match】

Enjoy this match! 💪


  1. The dim light makes everything in the ring sexy. It gets better when Tucker tries to fight back with his hands taped together, and even win in the end.

    Personally don't appreciate nails and blood covering the body, cause they kind of ruin the picture of those beautiful muscles.

    The chair is acceptable, but would like to see more technical and powerful wrestling moves instead of mostly using the chair.

    1. I didn't notice that the light was making this match look sexy.

      Sorry that I sometimes include things that turn you off. But I find this match really hot.

    2. I usually don't like thumbtacks and blood either, but I found they really enhanced the match. Actually I didn't see any blood. I think it really helped show how useless and pathetic Tucker's hot body and big dick was