Dec 27, 2017

Adam Brooks

Adam Brooks (C) vs Will Ospreay 【Title Match】


  1. I find this match extremely enjoyable and exciting as a sport. Many aerial and counter moves requiring professional techniques are performed. You don't see men spinning in the air like that in football, tennis or basketball.

    This is why I love wrestling. It can be both professionally entertaining and sexually arousing at the same time, to me;)

    1. Exactly! That's why I love this match and wanted to share it. These great athletes are performing wonderful moves, and you can see how excited the audience are.

      The way Adam Brooks gets groggy really turned me on, but I wonder if he is hot enough to other people.

  2. Adam Brooks is one hot Aussie Stud! Interesting he was chosen to lose as he is def more physically built than Osprey.

    All the same very hot action with just the right mix of high flying and grappling with some erotic holds in there - woof.

    Would have preferred trunks and boots as gear of choice to really show it off ...but all the same not disappointed, though want a rematch!