Sep 26, 2017

Steven Walters

The Sheik vs Steven Walters 【Falls Count Anywhere】

Enjoy this match! 💪 💪


  1. This is such a classic match. The ending was so surprising. I guess that shows he is talented as a wrestler and a showman. I miss how he looked here

    1. I've seen a post about this match on other blog before, but I'm not sure how famous this match is. But it is definitely hot enough to talk about.

    2. Great job, I enjoyed your animations. This awesome match has been blogged by Beefcakes of Wrestling Beefcakes of Wrestling and by Ringside at Skull Island. And on 10/12/17, I will feature it on The Wrestling Arsenal (including several of the animations you posted here to help tell the story.)

    3. Wrestling Arsenal-san;

      I wanted to share this match because I found that a new video with better quality was uploaded.

      I look forward to your post.