Jun 19, 2017

Adrian Neville

Adrian Neville vs Kevin Owens


  1. great work as always: was curious, what do you think about Neville's recent heel change?

  2. Chris H-san:
    Actually, heels turn me off although I have posted about some heels before. So when my favorite wrestler turns to a heel, I get disappointed a lot. Whether heel or face matters to me a lot, and I always wonder what other gay wrestling fans think about it. How about you?

  3. I've always been kind of weird about it myself. I usually stick with my favorites whether they turn heel or go face, so long as my favorites continue to get ravaged and wrecked in the ring [icon:v-8] sometimes I find the turn makes a character more interesting, adds like another layer to them. But I can see why a heel to face change could be disappointing as well. Everyone wants to root for the good guys while seeing the good guys get demolished, only to get back up for another beating. For me, so long as they can ragdoll and get all dazed and dizzied, that's enough for me :)

  4. Chris H, I love your position of having hot wrestlers get worked over no matter their angle. If they're bad, they get their hard bodies justly punished. If they're good, we get to see what happens when Superman is powerless on his knees in front of you begging you to do with him what he will. I've been working on getting heisout to see it can be just as hot if they are heel :D

  5. Chris H-san;
    I would enjoy wrestling more if I could think like you guys do. But deep inside, I believe that good guys are supposed to win and bad guys should lose, and the belief helps me to find my heroes more miserable but also hotter when they get beaten. I hope I'm not the only one who thinks that way.